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The style and format of a wedding ceremony is much more flexible than it was years ago. In many of today's weddings old traditions have been replaced by more meaningful practices and approaches.

I've seen a strong shift towards:

Kathy and I were married on a very hot Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm.

When we came out of the church the sky was fiercely black and thunder was coming from every corner.  We didn't have photos taken at the church and went straight to the reception venue.

We and all of our guests were saturated by the time we made it to our cars.The reception progressed as normal.

Just after the main meal the candles were lit for the flaming Bombe Alaska desert to be served.   All night we danced by candle light.  It was so romantic with the violinist walking around the dance floor as we and our guests danced.

It was only when it was time to go and got outside to our car did we realise we had been in a black out. 
The black out extended from Gympie to the NSW Border and lasted six hours.

We had planned to drive to Adelaide for our honey moon, but there was a petrol strike and being unsure of it's availability option, we decided to spend our week at the Gold Coast.

Our first night at the Pink Poodle Hotel Motel.   That was the place to be in the 70's.

When we arrived we drank the warm wine to celebrate this wonderful day.  After a very hot and long day we fell asleep within minutes, only to be woken up by the cleaner wanting to make the bed.

We obliged and went to visit friends and spent the day with them.  Kathy got terribly sunburnt.

The next morning we moved to The Chateau, the new, more expensive hotel on the waterfront. The next day her parents paid a visit, and stayed and stayed. 

Our life together has been a little bit like our honeymoon.  Full of the unexpected, seeing the silver lining in every dark cloud, never regretting what came our way, being surrounded by family and friends, learning from our mistakes and taking one day at a time.

         Its been a great life

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not having any bridal or groom attendant.
having your sister or best female friend as your "best man".
having your brother or best male friend as a "bridal attendant" with some carrying bouquets and others not
both parents of the bride escort their daughter up the isle to the groom.
grandparents as witnesses.
the inclusion of sybolic rituals